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Executive Summary

PhD (Summer 2024). Experienced research team supervisor and R1 university instructor with advanced data-analysis expertise and strong interpersonal skills. Progressive experience in research mentorship, project management, team leadership, and data instruction. Expert in human behavior, cognition, and decision-making, with cross-training in computer science, public relations, art, and neuroscience.


As a creative, lateral thinker with interdisciplinary training, I utilize concepts such as desirable difficulty and shared ownership to leverage team members’ strengths, foster team cohesion, promote curiosity, and fast-track feasible solutions.

Industry Portfolio

A demonstration of excellence in leadership, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Testimonials from the research team, students, and colleagues

You were thoroughly entertaining while also maintaining a professional attitude.


You were able to answer questions thoroughly, and back it up with research. I admire your teaching, and I thank you for a wonderful year.

Eye dissections for a Sensation and Perception lesson
Speaking in a large lecture hall
Running stats
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