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Professional Teaching Evaluations

Duke TIP
The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity

"The students are obviously highly engaged in this class. The instructor and TA have done a great job fostering a comfortable and welcoming environment that allows students to express their creativity and feel ready to learn. Students are learning very complex terms and concepts, as evidenced by the vocabulary displayed on the white board and through overhearing their conversations. While I was visiting this class, the students were preparing for an activity wherein they are expected to synthesize the concepts learned earlier this morning and distill it into a musical presentation to compete against other groups. Students were very excited about this activity and were having a great time. I was pleased to see they were able to comfortably use their new knowledge in fun and creative ways."

- Matt Bufford, Academic Coordinator

Duke TIP is a highly competitive summer program designed to instill creativity and curiosity in gifted students through rigorous, hands on learning. I instructed a class titled "The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity." 

Here is what my supervisor had to say about our class:

Mid-semester Formative Evaluation

Research Methods (PSYC 3980)


The MSFE is offered to UGA instructors, by request, through the Center for Teaching and Learning. I requested an MSFE while teaching my first Research Methods course, as I wanted to ensure students were deriving maximum benefit while there was still time to adjust to feedback.

Students mentioned that I am passionate about the content, make class interesting, and care about their understanding. Several students mentioned my ability to find ways to explain concepts that help everyone understand, and they appreciate that I am readily available outside of class for those who desire additional support. My course materials are helpful for learning and most students believe the grading is fair.

Areas for improvement primarily centered around organization and a desire for clearer expectations. I put substantial effort into refining course materials, and student reviews at the end of the semester reflected positive student feedback. 

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